Austin Global Coworking Conference Unconference

By Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) (other events)

Tue, Mar 5 2013 8:00 AM Wed, Mar 6 2013 9:00 PM

The coworking movement is officially gaining momentum around the world, and we’re starting to gather speed and ride the wave of greatness in a fashion all our own. We’re psyched to be bringing together the largest gathering of coworking game changers in the world at GCUC 2013. This spring, we will explore coworking financial models, specialization ideas, community building, and how to cultivate innovation. Day One will be an all-day conference with speakers, panels, and some surprises, and Day Two will be an all-day unconference where everyone will contribute to the conference through sharing ideas and collaboration. Join us as we ride the wave, connect, and inspire. Get ready—it’s going to be spectacular.